1938. Germany is moving faster than Standartenführer Hagen Kohl thought possible. Sent down to Vienna to investigate a potential threat to Hitler’s plans for Austria, Hagen is drawn in to an aristocratic world he’s never encountered before. Without Hauptsturmführer Eugen Friesler at his side, Hagen is in more danger than he could have imagined as he hunts for a shadowy organization called the New Austrian Order. Back in Germany, Galiena von Steinberg returns to Riesa and the von Steinberg Gesellschaft, but taking over the reins of her Grandfather’s empire comes with many challenges. Can she protect her family holdings while keeping true to the new sense of self she has worked so hard to find?

New Austrian Order is finally published. A *mere* 8 years after Teufel. I promise I won’t do that again. Too much travel. Too much crippling indecision. Too much partying in Berlin. So. Much. Partying.

The acknowledgements as per the inside… I cannot say these words enough!


There are two people without whom this book would never have been written:

Rachel White- my amazing editor, who has read this more than anyone should ever have to. I think the last edit almost did her in. Thank you, Rachel!

Secondly, Dietrich Pütter- who has taught me so much about the time in which he lived. Thank you for time, patience and amazing stories.

To my parents, Robin and Heather Towers- I know that having a WWII obsessed writer as a child makes for boring Sunday dinners! Thanks for your continued support! Every single car is for you, Dad!

To Joanne Pearson- I know that when I fall, you will be there to catch me… just as you did after the Camino. I don’t have the words to describe my gratitude.

To my muse – This world exists because you helped create it.

To all those who helped me pick a cover, sat and listened to me ramble about where to split the monster, politely nodded and smiled while I pontificated on the Third Reich, who didn’t tell me to shut up as I told the same story about Galiena for the sixth time and who were just there… Thank you!

To all the people online who have supported me! Thank you all!

Also an addendum!

To Tamsin McKenna-Williams who did a high pressure read for continuity at the very end! REALLY appreciated!

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