C’est fin!

C’est fin!

It is over.

112 284 words.

44 chapters.

I’m finished.

The writing of The Raveners is done. To be truthful, I finished NAO (the writing) a long time ago… I haven’t actually finished a book in….almost 10 years. Started many, completed… not so much.

I am just so proud of this book. I love it. I’m sure by the time it goes back and forth to the editors a few times, I will be like.. omg… I hate this book… but right now? I LOVES IT!

I went completely out of my comfort zone. I wrote something really really different. I love it a lot! And more importantly… right now, I am proud of me. I really suck at the discipline part of being an author, so for now… let the celebrations commence!Fireworks

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