Sex sells?

Sex sells?

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THE TUDORS!  A show with only the vaguest resemblance to the original subject matter… And lots of jiggling boobies.

The Tudors + Rome have led us down the garden path to Game of Thrones… But I’ve digressed. It’s probably because I’m looking at Natalie Dormer and I’m wondering what she’s doing with my body.

So what do you think, fans? Sex in books? Love it? Hate it?


Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII and Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn – Photo: Francois Rousseau/Showtime – Photo ID: FlamesOfDesire1

To be honest, it often makes me a bit squidgy. Not that I’m getting off on writing it, because truly, I don’t. It’s very rare that I actually do. Is that too much information? Like any author, of course I’ve written some naughty vignettes. There is, in fact, an INCREDIBLY naughty vignette floating around set the Teufelverse. A Winter’s Interlude. One day I might post it in the ‘Fans Content‘ section. Maybe. Those who have seen it have called it a right spicy meatball.

Teufel has absolutely no ‘on screen’ sex. Intimacy yes, actual penetration, no. It just never fit. I never felt it was needed. For one thing, Galiena had just been raped, so sex wasn’t really at the top of her list of things to do again. Hagen wants her, of course, but he’s 37 and a grown up. He’s willing to be patient.

New Austrian Order has sex, but… to coin the phrase, it may not be the sex you are looking for. It’s damn saucy though. I’ve always rather liked that sex scene. It just seemed to work.  It’s also partially on a credenza and many jokes have been made about me, sex, and that particular piece of furniture. For the record, I’ve never actually done it on a credenza myself.


Was it time for another bodice ripping picture? I think so.

So what do you readers think? Do you like sex in books? Do you love it? Or do you just roll your eyes and fast flip through the jiggling boobies?

I will admit it. I’ve done the fast flip. I have. I’m not ashamed.

Now The Raveners (COMING SEPTEMBER 20!!!!!) has two naughty scenes. One is a little non standard… to be honest, and one is all the way, boom shaka laka, clenching buttocks and all that nonsense. Needless to say, I’m happy with it as it stands, though I almost left the ‘all the way’ scene out. It *might* be gratuitous. And I think that’s my biggest concern.


At what point is it a sex scene, and at what point is a device to sell more copies? Is it gratuitous or does it flow naturally. Interestingly enough (or not because humans love sex!) erotica is the fastest and most constant indie published area on Amazon. For a time, the biggest seller was gay werewolf sex. I kid thee not. There is even dinosaur porn. No. Really. I couldn’t make that up. There is dinosaur porn on amazon.

My next book, which is due to drop in January (I’ve been busy!) is a murder mystery set in WWI called Murder Amid Slaughter. Our main character is a slightly prudish and occasionally diffident young man who is not interested in the local prostitutes. Most of the time,  he’s chopping Germans with his axe. I don’t really know how putting a sex scene in that book would even work. I’m sure Seal Team 6 didn’t stop for a nookie break on their way to get bin Laden, so I don’t feel like I’m off the mark to say that sex wouldn’t fit in the novel.

So what do you think, oh dearest fans? Is it all about the cut and the thrust? Does a book JRM-The-Tudors-jonathan-rhys-meyers-31711895-245-180.gifneed to have sex for you? Are you brutally disappointed if it does not have sex in it? Or is it entirely situational for you? If it fits, it’s golden and if not you are just as satisfied.

And just to share… the best sex I ever read in a book? Skye O’Malley. I read this back in my teens and I still remember it. Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!!!

And… three cheers! I managed to keep this SFW! 😀 Go me!



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