The real story…

The real story…

So… The Raveners… Not my usual fare. I know that some of you are wondering… what made the military/historical fiction writer go off into Vampire fiction.


No seriously! It was originally supposed to be erotica. When I started it, gay, werewolf porn was all the rage. Werewolves aren’t my cup of cappuccino, but I thought… hey! I’ve always had a thing for vampires.

In fact… in my youth, I had a print of this: Vampire by Clyde Caldwell. It was a gift form my husband when we were married. Romantic, what? 😉


I’m actually a huge fan of Caldwell, though I no longer have any of his prints.

Clyde Caldwell - Vampire

Ever since I  read Dracula when I was… oh…. 12 or so… I’ve had a bit of a fantasy about them. Mysterious monsters roaming the dark, looking for human flesh to feast upon. A friend of mine had a Time-Life copy with fantastic illustrations and I utterly loved it. And I was a bad friend. I still have that book, somewhere. I never gave it back. 😀

Clyde Caldwell - Vampire (xx)

So there you go! The deepest inspiration for The Raveners in its infant form was probably Stoker and Clyde Caldwell’s vampire series. (can that man paint a cabochon or what?!)

And as for Erotica? OMG! It sells on amazon like a beast. I was hoping to tap into that market. But it’s just not really my bag to write. You have to find a niche, and then write for that niche. You tend to lose fans if you don’t… and…writing pages and pages of rumpy-pumpy just isn’t my bag.

But that might be why there is a certain *AHEM* naughty scene near the beginning of The Raveners.

Clyde Caldwell - Femme vampire - Midnight Snack (1992) (2)

So there you go! Now you know the whole story. Wasn’t that worth joining the email list for?

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