I think one of the biggest problems that I have as a writer is staying motivated. I’ve got TONS… literally… TONS of half started bits of crap in my inbox. Things that seemed like such a brilliant idea at the time and then… just fizzled out.

I have a very hard time keeping up with my writing. There are a lot of factors. One. I’m damn lazy. I am. Until that moment that I’m not. But in reality, those moments of glory are few and far between.


I’m sort of perpetually at ‘I want to do it’ unless I have a deadline. No deadline, no workie. And it has to be a public sort of deadline. If I hadn’t announced a date for The Raveners, it would probably be still floating around in never never land. As soon as I had paid the publicist… well then, it jumped from ‘I want to do it’ to I will do it.’

Nothing in my life is ever an ‘I won’t do it.’ Not if it’s something I need to actually do. Unless it’s something I really don’t want to do. Like bike up a mountain or have a tarantula crawl on me. It just ain’t happening.


Yeah. Sorry. It could be the cutest spider on the planet and I still wouldn’t want it walking on me. Nosireeeeeebob!

I also feel like I write for you… my audience… and when there is no real response, then I crawl back into my little lack of motivation cave. Yup. I know. I write for me… but I don’t.. not really. I know the story. I can go sit in the bathtub in the dark and watch it all on the movie player in my head. I don’t type it all out because it’s good for my health.

So if you like something I share, please please please drop me a line and tell me that you do. I’m putting a lot of snippets up in the ‘exclusive’ section. Bits of this and that. Things on the dust heap of ideas that didn’t go anywhere. If you like one, say! You never know… it might suddenly become a thing!

I’m also curious as to what other writers do to stay motivated and writing the good write, as it were?

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